Monday, January 28, 2013

The Unbelieva-Babes

Well, you might be asking yourselves at this point (or not - I'm not a mind reader)- "These guys are such amazing butt-kicking stylish buff sexy dudes with amazing crime-fighting skills and all that - there must be hundreds of girls literally flinging themselves at their feet, right?" - and you'd be right. We do have a problem coping with all the female attention - and sometimes male attention - that at times it becomes difficult to deal with the matter at hand i.e. tracking down no-good, lousy criminal punks and giving them a piece of our mind, swiftly followed by their just desserts.

But believe it or not, through the judicious use of handy organizing devices such as these...

The wonders of modern technology.

plus a little Unbelieva-Zen, we are able to keep ourselves organised and calm.

Many of the girls that we, ahem, encounter, for want of a better phrase, become field operatives in our international network, or employees at Unbelieva-base. Oh yes, we always have time for the ladies. (Hello, ladies!) For example:

This is Greta, giving it a good buffing.

 They help us wash our cars...

Michael and Candy have taken a 'shine' to each other, eh? Note the use of rollerskates to speed up productivity.

Laura is shown here testing the new kitchen furniture and appliances for their waterproof properties by setting them up out on the lawn... and then chucking them into the lake. Don't worry, we rescued them. We managed to stop her as she was about to push the fridge in. It was all fine, and we also adopted a pet frog whom we called Ferdinand. We found him in one of the cupboards.

 They help us try out our jumpsuits...

Clark overdid it on the beard disguise, methinks.

 And they sometimes stand around in groups of three...

 to confuse bad guys.

That collar on the right is extremely sharp. And I mean sharp in all senses of the word. Take that, bad guys!

Not only that, but they have great ideas for parties. Here's Marissa with us at her 'Spray Paint 'n' Jammies' party, which was a total hoot.
The fifteen vodka and tonics beforehand were a big help.

And naturally, we like to bestow gifts on the gals to express our gratitude. Like swimwear...

Brrr! Looks a little chilly on the beach today.

and fashionable shorts.

The Unbelieva-babes (as we like to call them) are almost all fantastic cooks, which is handy for on-the-go crime-fighters like us. They make sure we never go hungry. You can't chase down evil-doers without proper nutrition! Here's a sample menu:

To my mind, you can never get enough whipped potato or cold cut grinders.

Thank you, ladies! Without you, we'd just be fabulously dressed guys, as opposed to the fabulously dressed, cool, hip, butt-kicking scourge of master criminals everywhere that we currently are. 

Even the local tennis pro, Chad "Bongo" Von Smythe III, likes us. A little bit too much, if you ask me.


  1. It should be noted that spray tanning is an artform when dealing with hirsute crime fighters.

  2. We've definitely gotten our money's worth out of that mimeograph machine!