Monday, January 14, 2013

Something's Not Right

Just because it's a new year, don't think the bad guys have decided to take a much-deserved break.

And ... don't for one minute think The Unbelievables are doing same.

The world is a very strange place, filled with very strange things. To the untrained eye, some of those things might appear as a quirk or kink of someone's mind ... 

...or a momentary bout of confusion ...

... mayhap a slip of the tongue or the unexpectedly caught sight of a squirrel ...

... Grease on the small screen zipping by as you're channel surfing, forcing you to snap back to that station and waste an hour of your life watching it for the umpteenth time instead of doing something important.

No. The Unbelievables know better than that ... much better.

We know there was a reason Quentin Tarantino waited for the camera to turn on him, the very instant he swigged champagne and spit it out for millions to see during Sunday's Golden Globe awards ceremony.

We know there was a reason Will Ferrell was forced to make the opening speech he did at same.

We know there's a real reason behind George Clooney subbed for an "ailing" Meryl Streep who was "under the weather."

And we know, most diabolically of all, there's a clandestine account why Jodie Foster was coerced (possibly blackmailed) into making the following highly circuitous and disjointed speech during the awards:

And there's more, too. Much more. 

But fear not: The Unbelievables are on it. And we're going to open the door on the reasons for all these weird happenings. And quickly. 

You, the trusting public, deserve to know. 

Hold onto your hats: It might not be pretty ...


  1. And we are waiting with bated breath.

  2. Those eyes just melt me ... That is all

  3. I thought Jodie was giving you guys a coded message on your next assignment!