Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cookin' Good

Interesting as Jeff's Unbelieva-Babes post may be to the average reader, some might be wondering about that rather cryptic and vintage 70's menu buried near the end.

To the layman, that menu might seem a little too bland. Plain. Lackluster, even.  But, in truth, its simplicity is rather telling.

Ever been on a stakeout? Ever tailed a criminal for hundreds of miles, hour upon hour, right on into the break of day? The need to be on the move waits for no man and can foist itself upon you at any time. You think the convenience of a sit down three-course meal at 6:30 sharp on a Sunday evening is a given? Heck no ... not when you're on the sly.

Thus the reason for the selections scribed on the sheet below. Simple fare is often the norm when The Unbelievables are on the job. That cold ham grinder? Might just be the only break in a rough and tumble day of crime fighting ... and we've been grateful for it.

See that sideways scribbled "12" at the top of the page?
It's code. And no ... we can't tell you what it stands for. Sorry.

But let it be said right here and now: Those meals wouldn't be anything without the care and attention the Unbelieva-Babes put to them, regardless of their simplicity. It may say "beef pattie on bun" but, guaranteed, in the hands of the gals its anything but that.

For example ... that grinder in the picture above? Looks rather ordinary, doesn't it? You might be surprised to discover I never cared for ham sanwiches in the least. In the hands of the Unbelieva-Babes, however, that simple hoagie is something extraordinary ... to the point that even I look forward to them.

Despite a sometimes hectic schedule, 
 Jeff requires whipped potatoes on Tuesdays. Every. Tuesday.
Clark and I have decided it's best not to question it.

Yes sir, we did our homework when we hired the cuisine-savvy staff. They're anything but common hash slingers when it comes to the culinary arts. Ils sont tout simplement le meilleur! 

Now if we could only get to the bottom of why they hang around in groups of three ... 

... I mean, other than to confuse the bad guys ...


  1. I've done a little research and found this from Kirsten Jordan at PeopleResults:
    "Two choices means one option is right and one option is wrong – right? See how that line of thought goes? It polarizes the decision. And since no one wants to be wrong, adults will spend more time thinking through the options.
    Giving someone THREE options automatically flips some sort of switch in most brains to make it ok to consider all three options. People will make a decision faster and with less angst."

    We stand in threes so men can avoid angst.

  2. And all that time I thought you were talking about food ...

    ... until the very last sentence.