Monday, August 21, 2017

Expert assistance

Many people wonder if we, The Unbelievables, do everything ourselves. The answer is, yes, yes we do. We are completely self-contained, masters of every skill we ever need to employ, and we always handle every single detail of every single situation by ourselves.
Except when we need help.
In which (very rare) cases we have a network of expert specialists upon whom we can call.

For instance, explosions.
We're very good at making all kinds of things blow up, when we need to.

Bad guys (they looked different prior to this picture being taken)

Bad guys in offices
Cars (belonging to bad guys)
Things to jump over while driving, because we look really cool when we do that.
The guy we learned all that from is somebody we still call on today if we're just too darn busy to do it ourselves is the legendary demolitions expert. Louie K. Bluéé.
He's French
He's very good at his job, and if there's anything that's a drawback, it's that he's a little too enthusiastic. He'll call us in the middle of a case and offer his services, whether we need them or not.
LOUIE: Unbelievables! Ze zituation you are currently dealing with calls for zome explosions. Beautiful displays of pyrotechnic destruction to show ze bad guys you mean, 'ow you zay, busy-ness?
US: Thanks, Louie. But we're just trying to find a lady's lost dog.
LOUIE: Call me back eef you want to blow up ze dog. Or ze old, 'ow you zay, lay-dee?
US: Sounds good, Louie. We'll let you know. Thanks.
LOUIE: I love you.
US: ...
LOUIE: ...
US: What did you say?
LOUIE: Zay? Nothing! I did not, 'ow you zay, zay? anything! (click)
There are other people we call on from time to time who are experts in their respective fields. Michael and Jeff will shine spotlights on them later this week.

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