Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cockney Balls

In the car, on the way to Henri's lair, we three Unbelievables were still puzzling that cryptic email and its apparent lack of instructions. Suddenly an oblique thought crossed my mind.

"Fellas, what if the three dots after the word 'below' aren't dots, but... something else?" I asked.

"Like what?" said Clark.

"Yeah, like what he said," added Michael.

"I dunno, like, uh, BIG dots."

"What, you mean circles?" Michael replied.

"Or balls," said Clark.

Suddenly it hit us.

"BALLS!" we shouted in unison. "The pawn shop!"

Luckily, we were only about three streets, two avenues and a boulevard away from the nearest pawn shop to Petit's hideaway. When we got there, sure enough, standing underneath the three balls, was a man. A man we had encountered before - none other than Tony "Monobrow" McGee, the world's first and only New Jersey Cockney.

"What are YOU doing here, McGee?!" bellowed  Clark.

"Nice work, fellers," McGee intoned. "you figured it out. I'm here to give you the instructions."

"Oh my giddy aunt," I cried. "Instructions below dot dot dot! That's what it meant."

"Fazackerley, me old china plates, innit. Fuhgeddaboudit. I'm yer actual instructor. Here's your next move - get a monster double burger and listen to Swingtime Express in Snohomish, WA."

"Alrighty, lads. That sounds like a Yelp review to me. Jump on it."

Clark turned out to be right. Tune in on Monday for the continuation of our story!

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