Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Unbelievables Adaptation!

We've told you previously about attempts to portray us and our fantastic exploits in mainstream entertainment, either in TV shows or in movies. Often, these portrayals are unflattering and unauthorized. But today, we're proud to announce a new show that is totally flattering and authorized...

or just

What the official title will be hasn't been settled yet (although I'm a fan of successful musicals following the "Noun, Exclamation point" format, ie: "Cats!" and "Hamilton!" and "Hamilcats!"). Regardless, it's going to be a spectacular stage show with music and dancing and lights and explosions pyrotechnics!

It's in the works right now and the guys will give you some more insight about what goes into creating a Broadway spectacular later this week. Right now, I can tell you that auditions are taking place. Nothing has been set yet, but here is a preliminary behind-the-scenes look.
No, we're not actually in it, but we did a brief performance to give prospective cast members a taste of what we're looking for.

These guys were impressive, although difficult to tell apart.

We're not averse to exploring non-traditional gender casting options.

Not bad. We can probably be a little more subtle in our costuming of good guys and bad guys though.

A little abstract for us, but thanks!

I think we have our Jade East in both monster and non-monster roles!

More to come later this week!

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