Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Well, I'm no expert (strike that - I AM an expert), but that lady turning into a vaguely squid-like B-Movie grade monster that then transforms itself into a giant pink ball, rolls down a hill and knocks a lorry off a cliff, looks suspiciously like ex-model Talulah Mae Periwinkle a.k.a. Jade East.

That's right, the master criminal who was once the object of Michael's affections (who wasn't? Let's be honest here.) seems to be back in business. How do I know? Because I looked up her ex-cohorts Der Lederhoser...

 and Frenchy McGee...

only to discover that they've gone into the film business. With Frenchy directing and Der Lederhoser behind the camera, they have been in Bangkok trying to put together their first feature film entitled "Attack Of The Pink Squid-Ball Woman." I hear the script is excellent.

Unless my info is seriously flawed, which I doubt, it seems they have Jade as their leading lady. Which means that given their penchant for ne'er-do-wellery, then you can bet your sweet bippy they're up to no good.

What say you, friend Michael?

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