Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's Just A Stage We're Going Through

Yes, it is true. We do have a totally authorized and flattering show being created around us right this very second, although we are not actually in it. Auditions are in progress as we speak. Here's my personal hot pick...

L to R: Veteran British character actors Nick Wilton as Clark, Jeffrey Holland as me and Michael Praed as Michael. We have a long way to go, obviously - Michael needs more convincing to go pantsless, for a start - but this is a classic moment we all recall fondly in which Clark was testing the prototype of the TaserStick and got an almighty shock. Oh how we laughed.
 Of course, even though we are not going to be in the show - we want top-flight professionals on this job - it doesn't mean we are averse to treading the boards ourselves. We are all three quite keen amateur dramatic chaps, dontcha know.

Ah, the theatre! The grease of the crowd and the smell of the roaring paint! Pictured below are some souvenirs from some of the Stiletto Flats Operatic and Dramatic Society's triumphs over the years. A sort of scrapbook, if you will.

Here's Michael reprising John Lithgow's role in a mashup of Mary Poppins, Genevieve and Footloose.

This was a mashup of Treasure Island and A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court. Clark is centre stage as Squire Trelawney, Michael is in back in the yellow dress, and I directed. The Stiletto Flats Bugle arts column wrote, " unusual idea, taking two disparate stories and throwing them together to see what happens. Mr. Hickmott has happened upon something that comes out more like Tess Of The D'Urbervilles if Tess was replaced by a mermaid. You may not understand this, but you'll not forget it." I think that's what they call 'damning with faint praise.'

Michael and friends in The Pajama Game.

An innovative stage adaptation of Dragonball-Z, using costumes left over from the previous production of Ben-10, which in itself used costumes left over from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Meets The Muppets.

The classic My Fair Lady.

Clark in last year's Jersey Boys spin-off, Barbershop Boys.

Another adaptation/mashup, this time it's Jane Fonda's Workout DVD Meets Waiting For Godot.

My personal favourite from a few years back, Ello,Ello,Ello,What's All This Then? - The Real Adventures of Horatio Lord Nelson and Edward Scissorhands Across The 5th Dimension On The Yellow Brick Road. 
"A triumph." - Stiletto Flats Bugle

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