Wednesday, February 8, 2017


With White Boy (he didn't give us his name and no, we couldn't think of a better name) out of circulation, we were free to resume leisure activities. But we were also left with serious questions to contemplate. What was his problem with white? More importantly, what if his ill-advised plot had succeeded? Can we imagine a world without white? I don't think we want to! So let's do exactly that...

Who wants to live in a world where a Heisman Trophy winner can't go on to be a Supreme Court Justice? (This is me not raising my hand)

Good luck enjoying that ski trip

The absence of a Great White Shark turns "Jaws" into a movie about three guys on a fishing trip.

Sorry, I guess your mistakes just have to live forever.

Which is supposed to be the home team uniform?!?


You say you're surrendering, but how do I know for sure...?

Everybody getting together to wear white t-shirts is the only fun thing about Arizona Coyotes games.

Without Walter White, there is no Heisenberg.

And without Barry White, there's a whole lot less romance-makin' music.

Yep, white is pretty great! We're so fortunate it exists!
And if you're questioning the appropriateness of a celebration of white things during Black History Month, please remember: It's been mentioned before but sometimes we're black. Again, don't let it throw you. 

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