Sunday, July 3, 2016

Game Over

You've heard of time getting away from you, right?

Well ... what day is it today?

It's Sunday. Late Sunday.

And, if you follow The Unbelievables and our blogs, you know our posts debut Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as cases of regularity. (Usually.)

This week? No post on Friday, which was my entry to insert.

And there's a reason I've been remiss in posting.

Clark stated Monday our game is a qualified success ... and it is. It's a kick and a half to play. The interaction is first rate, so much so you can easily get lost in all the action. For hours.

And hours. And hours.

Friday was the first opportunity I got to give it a whirl. And guess what?

Yup. I got lost in it. All of Friday ... and into early Saturday morning. And right on through to Sunday. All day long

There are so many hidden, secretive surprises ingrained into the play of the game it's difficult to cut loose and take a break. Really!

I mean ... you'd think it would get old tossing that ugly little imp baby Henri Petit out a 23 story window to the waiting pavement below. But our crack team of developers input an unlimited number of curses Henri screams as he plunges to his awaiting fate, a nice, hard block of sidewalk. Fun stuff!

They've given players the opportunity to win extra bonus points and lives each time you offer a "Hello, ladies!" to passing gals. Who knew there were so many whipped potato recipes to concoct when you play as Jeff? And the comedy goes without saying when you get the chance to doff your pants as yours truly. (Triple bonus points scored if you can do so in under 20 seconds while wearing Lobster Rage Fists! It took me most of Saturday morning to master this little feat ...)

And the princesses ... *swoon* ...

Can you see how easy it is to get distracted with features like these? Order yours today!

(Luckily, Clark and Jeff have forgiven me for shirk my duties. Such Unbelieva-Buddies!)

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