Friday, July 15, 2016


There are many things we will turn our hands to, for sure -- especially if they involve looking stylish, kicking butt and lovely ladies (Hello, ladies!). But some things have to be left to the pros.

One of the things that always puzzled me is thinking up names for things. This is a job that is a virtual minefield, it seems to us. Which is why when we get offers from various companies who wish to build a product around us - a breakfast cereal, say - we always leave the name to them. One only has to do a wee internet search to find that there are some products that have made it onto the supermarket shelf with a simply diabolical name - and people have actually bought it! Cruising around our local Wholesaler Jim's  this week, we spotted several really rubbish names.

Stik Tahu?

 All I can think is that, somewhere along the design stage for these products, somebody really dropped the ball and now the world is having a quiet chuckle at their expense. And it's not just product names, either. Opening a new business also requires diligence, lest you name yourself something idiotic.

Or say you have a new magazine...

 Or  coffee, fabric softener and bread...

 Looking for an appropriate gag gift for your coworker, or a romantic prezzie for your boyfriend...

 Or perhaps a nice children's ice cream?

 It's hard to believe these actually made it onto the shelves, and when you consider that I come from a country where we readily eat this without batting an eye...

 it really makes you wonder. 

Nope, you can add product naming to the list of "Things the Unbelievables Won't Do."

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