Friday, July 29, 2016

Ladies? Maybe. Mysterious? Definitely!

The voice had a familiar-yet-ethereally alien quality to it. That's because it wasn't one voice, it was two! Blended in such perfect pitch and harmony as to seem like the vocal intonations of a single individual. But no. It was the twin vociferations of none other than...

That's right, Greta and Gerta, two of our deadliest foes had given us a ringy-dingy. But for what possible nefarious purpose? We hit the ol' redial, put the call on video mode and this is what came up:
We batted the receiver around like a hot potato, which eventually landed in Jeff's hands.
"Oh. Hi. My, you two look...matronly", he said.
"Mature!", Michael blurted. "He meant you both look really mature."
I said, "When did you turn into a pair of old broads?" and Jeff and Michael both cuffed me upside the head. "I mean, what do you want?", I said recovering as gracefully as possible.

One of them cleared her throat and said, "Yes, well, um, we are semi-retired from activities that expand beyond what might be considered traditionally 'legal'." "But we are proud of our legacy as the femme fatales who posed the greatest threat to the vaunted Unbelievables", the other one said, creepily completing her sister's sentence.
"And we don't want that legacy tainted in any way..."
" carpetbagging interlopers.
"Specifically, the girls you saw tonight..."
"...the Tita Von Deese Triplets."
L to R: names as yet unknown
"For starters, there are three of them..."
"...while we were able to vex you with only the two of us..."
"...which seems inherently unfair."
"Also, they're ugly."
Michael said, "Not sure we agree with all of what you said..."
Jeff interjected, "Or any of it."
And I finished with, "But what's their plan?"
One or the other or both replied, "Oh, we don't know. We're only aware of their existence and that they have designs on taking the three of you out of the picture, something we were never able to do. Yet. We want them off our turf, namely the turf that is you."
With that, they hung up. So we don't know what manner of mischief these three have planned, but it would appear we have a new threat to be mindful of, a threat that will probably make themselves known in the near future!

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