Monday, May 16, 2016

The Unbelievables... For Kids!

We know that children look up to us as role models. We also realize that many of our exploits are not suitable for the wee ones. That's why we're proud to announce:

The Li'l Unbelievables
"These kids are fun! Fun clothes! Fun hair! Fun attitudes!
From the secret files of The Kitsch Story-Telling Lady ... we present ... The Li'l Unbelievables!"

See Jeff.
See Jeff and Michael.
See Jeff, Michael and Clark
See Ulf the Unbelievapuppy
Michael is not wearing a dress.
"Arf! Arf!", says Ulf the Unbelievapuppy

Maybe he is.
If so, that is okay.
But Michael hates wearing pants.
"I hate wearing pants!", says Michael
So it's probably just a long shirt.

"Let's have an adventure!", says Jeff
"What a good idea!", says Michael
"I like adventures!", says Clark
"Arf! Arf!", says Ulf the Unbelievapuppy
"We should battle Henri Petit!", says Jeff
"Perfect! We are the same size now!", says Michael

"I want to kick him out of a window!", says Clark
"I like to hear the shattering noise!"
Shatter, glass, shatter
"And see Henri Petit fall to the ground!"
Shatter, Henri Petit, shatter
"Arf! Arf!", says Ulf the Unbelievapuppy

Parents: Gather your kids and see what happens next when Li'l Jeff and Li'l Michael continue our story of Stylish Tots and the mischief they get into

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