Thursday, May 5, 2016

All-Star Secrets Continued: Who Knew?

Jeff noted on Monday:

"One of the great side benefits of knowing so many of the world's best and brightest (be they entertainers, educators, politicians, economists, astrophysicists ...)"

It's up to you to decide if they are any of these.

One thing is certain, however: They're far from the world's "best and brightest."

Still: Who knew?

 Cameron Diaz

Auditioned for the role of The Joker in The Dark Knight, narrowly lost out to Heath Ledger.
 Kevin Bacon

Financed and discovered the whereabouts of The Holy Grail, lost it on a road trip through Death Valley. (Big mistake.)
 Kevin Hart

It's a little known secret Kevin used to be afraid of microphones. To overcome his fear, he privately practiced with Kosher hotdogs. As a result of "too much practicing" he was almost booked on the TLC reality show My 600 Pound Life ...
Nicki Minaj

Donated half her brain to science back in 2009. It was rejected by the medical community outright. Shortly thereafter she sought a qualified doctor for reimplantment but was convinced by the surgeon "Trust me: You won't be missing anything if we leave well enough alone ..."
 Prince Charles

The Future King of England gets around! You'll recall he was featured in Jeff's Monday post edition as well. 

In this instance, Charles is the singular reason Google Glass ultimately failed. Once the public saw him wearing the innovation, its popularity went in the toilet. (Note: He broke four different pairs fiddling with the controls looking for the "evil eye" setting.)
 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

If you ask him nicely, he'll do Finding Nemo impressions. (Note: Dory is his favorite in the Disney film.)
Vladimir Putin

Pokémon card collector with impressive nerd credentials. Most prized card in his possession? A pre-release Raichu card, of which only a dozen or so exist world wide.

Again: Who knew ... ???!!?!

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  1. An article or SCOOP as they called it on CNN news pointed out that MS Diaz had taken a radical new idea to counteract the fact that she was not tall enough. She used a company in the UK to make her legs longer! actually helps reduce BMI by adding to your height to weight ratio.