Monday, February 8, 2016

Gone In A Flash

This pic plopped on to our desk this morning, with a Post-it note attached, bearing a hastily scribbled "Guys, I'm retiring. See ya round - Len"

What do we glean from this? Not the fact that Unbelieva-Photog Len Scapp, our very own world-class shutterbug, is retiring, oh no no no. Anyone with a good eye can figure out that this picture is not Len Scapp, but a female of the woman variety in disguise. Plus, the note didn't look like Len Scapp's handwriting. Which can lead us to only one of about twelve conclusions. Confused? Sure you are. But bear with me and I'll try to explain.

You see, we know of easily a dozen female photographers and/or models who are also villains. For instance...

Mona Pletheridge, 8mm of pain her specialty.

Iona Mansion, heiress to the Barratt Homes fortune. She 'clicks' with the guys, but when she 'snaps' - look out!

Dixie Bose-Sennheiser. Petty larceny and blackmail were just stepping stones into large-scale camera-shop heists and in her latest caper, she stripped a movie studio of all its Panavision cameras and film stock in under three minutes. She's very high on our list, but - kidnapping? 

Doris Gumph, animal abuser and nudist.

Vita Phone, aka the Red Devil. Also into abusing animals - see the lamb she just kicked in the butt?

Gladys Paine-Fulle, cruel to tiny ponies and humans alike.

McKenzie Von Snarf, just plain weird.

Glorious Honeybun. So OCD she tried to make musical notes get in line. Nice gams though.

Vespa McNerf, Tartan-wearing scooter fiend with a long list of hit-and-runs.

Petronella DeKrupp. This beauty would stomp a lion's face in with stilettoes if she felt so inclined. Look out, Lenny!
That's just nine of our list of possibles. Any of them could have done something awful to Len and for various reasons. Michael and Clark will explore further avenues during the week. Meantime, if you think you've seen any sign of our man Len, drop us a line, won't you?

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