Friday, March 20, 2015

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Under normal circumstances, I would be aghast at the typecast "suggestions" Jeff intimated last post.

But ... it's true: I'm ecstatic for Schytts. Not only are they the epitome of a peppy dansband, they were obviously atop fashion sense and sensibility way, way back in the day.

Bonus: Schytts were monster inspirationalists as well. Long before it became a popular routine on Saturday Night Live, writer Andy Samberg's "dick in a box" routine (along with co-conspirator Justin Timberlake) got influenced by the above full-color poster.

And yes: That poster is hanging in the hallways at the Unbelieva-Base. 


And, please ... peruse and enjoy a little Schytts. (I dare you to remain seated during "Ajajaj.")

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