Thursday, March 26, 2015

There's No Dance Off With Your Pants Off

Well ... Legs & Co. ...

It was Flick Colby herself - former dance troupe member herself and instigator/manager of Legs & Co. - who contacted us in search of The Unbelievables' assistance. It was discovered many of Legs & Co. costumes were being pilfered by someone and Ms. Colby wondered if we could get to the bottom (and the tops) of the situation.)

We all packed bags in case the caper took more than an afternoon and arranged to meet Ms. Colby at the BBC studios where we exchanged pleasantries, met the girls and got down to the business at hand.

... mmmmmmmmmmmm ... Lulu ...

Lulu Cartwright was my favorite of the troupe and it's not a gross understatement to declare I was rather taken by her. Business being business, I kept professional and delved into my part of the mission with zeal so as not to be distracted by her.

It was apparent I wasn't the only one taken in by the wiles of Ms. Lulu Cartwright
as evidence would indicate courtesy of this photo
with Lulu tightly sandwiched between Jeff and Clark ...

The BBC Studios was a massive place with lots of nooks and crannies to pour over. Overall, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary to point our attentions in any particular direction.

That is ... until we met Hermannus Jantinus "Herman" van Veen.

Van Veen (center) with members of Ruby Flipper.
He looked suspect even then ...

Herman Van Veen was instrumental in several dance groups for the BBC and no more so than with Flick during her time with Ruby Flipper, one of the predecessors of Legs & Co.

The dude had a presence about him that just didn't jibe with us. Plus ... he talked funny, a tell-tale sign of funny business.

But ... how was Van Veen mixed up with the Legs & Co.'s missing accouterments?

Clark will present that tale ...

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