Monday, March 23, 2015

Lords Of the Dance

As you may be aware, we Unbelievables are big fans of art in all its myriad forms. Music, painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, the list goes on. It will not surprise you, then, to know that we are heavily into dance. In fact, three of our Unbelievababes were friends from school. And they were all dancers. 

Abigail Spishak...

Corinne MacDewberry..

and ShonaLynn Carnoustie.
To say they have blossomed in recent years would be understating the case.

By the way, why is it that photography has progressed to the extent that we are now able to take a photograph using a fancy expensive camera with bazillions of megapixels and then simulate the effect of a crappy old photo?
Many of our undercover network spanning the globe have also been dancers. Like f'rinstance...

Priscilla Pantouffles and her Pulchritudinous Prancers...

and Legs & Co., the legendary Top Of The Pops dance troupe.
We once called on Legs & Co. to assist us in a case that took us all the way to the famous BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane, London W1A 4AA. I'll let Michael and Clark fill you in on all the deets.