Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Party crasher (part II)

Henri Petit: "Well well well, The Unbelievables are having a party. Partying, are we? Are we here to par-tay? Heh heh heh."
Michael: "Get out of here, Petit."
HP: "Relax. I'm not here to cause trouble. On the contrary, in fact. I'm here to celebrate."
Jeff: "You're picking the wrong place to stir up trouble, chum."
HP: "No, I mean it. I even brought potato salad. Just like my mother used to..."
Clark: "We hate you, you hideous, vile infant!"
HP: "FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME, I AM NOT A... Look, we've had our differences over the years..."
M: "You reek of curdled baby formula, stale tobacco smoke and enmity."
HP: "As I was saying, while we may have had our differences over the years..."
J: "And failure. I definitely smell failure on you, Henri. Like you've been wallowing around in a big puddle of it for years and years and years and years."
HP: " the end of the day, you've won some, I've won some and there's a hard-earned mutual respect between us."
C: "You are a disgusting, misshapen lump of goo with eyes. Nobody loves you beyond the sense of satisfaction that comes from inflicting physical harm on you."
HP: "Are-are you... peeing in my potato salad? What is wrong with you?"

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