Monday, September 22, 2014

Confusing Comments

Well, well, well.

The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed that last Wednesday, a person known as "Teresa W" but signing their comment as "Anonymous" left this here comment on the blog...

At the risk of identifying myself as a bad person, I find the damsels in distress at the hands of the Nazis a highly erotic concept. Also, I would like to sleep with one of the Unbelievables. Which one of those two statements is worse? - Teresa W

Hmm. At the risk of looking foolish, I am now going to state that I believe this comment to be a 'prank' or 'joke'. I also believe that one of my cohorts, either Clark or Michael, is the 'prankster' or 'joker' responsible. 

Allow me to explain my reasoning. Let's take the first sentence apart piece by piece. 

"At the risk of identifying myself" = "I wish to remain anonymous". So why sign the statement? Trying to confuse us, eh? Well, I'm not confused that easily.

" a bad person" = So you're saying you ARE a bad person? If you are unaware, we are The Unbelievables. We are a bad person's worst nightmare. Why would you then send us a direct message and why would you sign it, unless your name is Michael or Clark and you were trying to wind me up?

"I find the damsels in distress at the hands of the Nazis a highly erotic concept." - Don't we all? Believe me, I would LOVE to rescue some scantily-clad sexpot from the clutches of rogue Gestapo personnel, giving me the chance to kick ass and then wine and dine and moon and June and spoon with fair lady. But this is not 1945 and the Nazis never actually did those things (much) so I will never get the chance. Michael and Clark know this, so I believe this is one of them just winding me up again.

"Also, I would like to sleep with one of the Unbelievables." - Now I know you are just winding me up. If you DID want to sleep with me or one of the others, why would you just leave a name but no way of contacting you? C'mon, it's 2014. Phone, email, Facebook, Skype... there are myriad ways to make contact. Try a bit harder, guys. Ha bloody ha. Très amusant

"Which one of those two statements is worse?" -  Well, what if I change the word 'statements' to 'co-workers' ? In which case I'd be hard pushed to tell you.

And then there's the name - Teresa W.

As you may know, I'm a great believer in anagrams providing clues, and if we take the letters in 'Teresa W.' and mix them up, we get... SWEATER. Which one of the Unbelievables likes sweaters? A lot?


Or is it someone else entirely?




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