Wednesday, September 3, 2014

But ... Are They *Really* Unbelieva-Perks?

Unbelieva-Perks? Oh, yeah. Comes with the territory.

But ...

In order for there to be rainbows, a little rain must fall. (Yeah ... I'm taking liberties with the saying.)

Here are a few "examples" ... 

A life time supply of curry

Now ... I don't know about you but I'm not particularly fond of curry.

I don't use it in anything I cook and, unless it's ordered for or presented to me directly, I won't eat it. But that didn't stop the good-hearted soul whose cats we saved from a backyard oak tree presenting us with a supply of the spice. We graciously accept it and continue to do so every time a package of the stuff arrives at our doorstep. And it arrives like clockwork at the first of each and every month. Then? We donate it to culinary schools, restaurants and other organizations willing to take it off our hands.

Yeah ... a life time supply of curry. Strange, no?

6,920 feet of retail space

One group of elderly ladies - after helping them get their car started - left us a deed to a second hand store.

Yes. An. Entire. Second. Hand. Store. Fully stocked with gadgets and trinkets and old clothing and shoes and unused baby stuff. Go figure.

"Thank you" wood

Yeah. Wood. It seems one of our do-good deeds set us up with the gift of left over tree trimmings, such that they were. While unexpectedly set in the firewood department for the next few years, the question naturally arose about how much firewood we actually needed ... in Stiletto Flats, Nevada. (Hint: Zero.)

Clark will wrap up the week with more Unbelieva-Perks. Though, of which variety is anyone's guess.

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