Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day From The Unbelievables!

 A reminder from The Unbelievables
During this festive weekend, it's perfectly okay to ingest any and all green foods or beverages. 
We're not saying these things won't make you sick, just that you should eat/drink them. 
You know, in the spirit of the thing.
McPost Script (See what we did there?) Being the jolly (and stylish) gents we are, there are times when camaraderie and good will toward men is simply "the right thing to do" ... you know? And, in the spirit of such, we're even willing to wish some of our past and present villains and ne'er-do-wells a Happy St. Patrick's Day ...
... even one whose name naturally tends toward "the green" (despite the fact he is annoying as can be), one Leo Von Grunwald ... better known as "Lee Greenwood."
Happy St. Patrick's Day to even you, Leo ...

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