Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Golden Boy: Friend? Or Foe?

One of The Unbelievables most elusive and trickiest villains was a character who went by the name of Little Golden Boy.

Yes ... he often appeared as a small child of golden hue, almost always innocent-looking and kind to a fault. But he had his treacherous and cunning sides, too.

Ever see the film Momento ... ??? Many was the time our capers involving Little Golden Boy would unravel in much the same way - backward and elusively. The clues to solving the cases were usually at our fingertips at the very beginning of an investigation; we weren't aware of such until knee-deep into surveillance and reconnaissance and after lots of finger pointing.

Little Golden Boy was one of those ne'er-do-wells who (like Leo Von Grunwald) was more annoying than dastardly. He was a mischief maker first and foremost. He once managed to delay countrywide shipments of Filet-O-Fish patties to McDonald's restaurants, causing an outcry from coast to coast to those practicing Lent. He successfully blocked one of Oprah's biggest television broadcasts, causing a panic in the streets of Chicago as a result. (See what I mean? Not exactly the devious doings of a crime-hungry bad guy.) 

Strangely, he's also passed along clues on other cases which have been instrumental in bringing some of our enemies to justice. Go figure. 

So is he friend ... or foe? All depends on the time of day with this little fellow.

The guys will fill you in on the weird goings on with Little Golden Boy. Just know going in this kid is a strange one.

(But you have to seriously ask yourself: Really ... what's the big deal nixing an Oprah show?)

"If I were a supervillain I think my crime spree would involve either stealing lots of donuts or just being really really bossy."
- Jerry Thomas            

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