Friday, March 22, 2013

Have No Fear! Jeff (and The Unbelievables) Are Here!

So you've heard all about the antics of that mischievous scamp known to the world as Little Golden Boy. Michael and Clark have given you the deets as regards this little tinker's origins and doings. Oh, he has led the Unbelievables a merry dance indeed, let me tell you.

But what you may not know is that he comes from a long line of Golden people, and after he went bad he recruited his family members across the globe to join in his monkeyshine capers. Here are just a few.

First there was his Dad, who now lives in AT&T Headquarters in Texas, the perfect place to send worldwide messages.

Dozens of cousins in Thailand, keeping an eye on things in Southeast Asia.

Including his Great-Uncle Buddha.

His sister-in-law, Bunny...

Uncle Mario, from Italy.

He's even into the food condiment market.

Several very wet French aunts....

Cousin Mike.

Gay uncle Oscar and his, er, 'friends'.

Auntie Gladys, who lives in Vegas. We've come across her before.

The Greek side of the family.

Not sure who this is, but he looks a bit shifty.
As you can see, we have our hands full. It is only through constant vigilance and our burgeoning network of high-powered moles and informants that we are able to suppress Little Golden Boy's shenanigans before they get too much out of hand. You are welcome, world. You are welcome.

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