Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Your Whites Whiter, Your Brights Brighter

One of the major advantages of having a headquarters that doubles as a laundromat is that when our super threads get, um, shall we say soiled in the pursuit of justice, it is always easy to just leave our stained attire in the care of Ms. Juanita Lopez, former showgirl and now manager of our washeteria. She can wash, dry and fold like you wouldn't believe, being not only a skilled Unbelieva-Fu exponent (5th Dan) and a master (mistress?) of Unbelieva-Zen, but her years as a Vegas performer, where the need to keep your showgirl costume in pristine condition is paramount, has proved incredibly (Unbelievably?) helpful. Plus, her abuela ran the Lavanderia de Los Muertos in Texarkana for over 45 years.

In between washes she poses for photoshoots while studying philosophy.

Why were we, The Unbelievables, drawn to Ms. Lopez as a potential employee/operative? Well, anyone that has ever used a Hispanic lavanderia can tell you - the Latino community knows how to treat fabric right. If you've ever picked up a fresh load of neatly folded and bagged laundry from your local Spanish launderette, you will know that the amazing clean smell that emanates from their towels has to be sniffed to be believed.

Not only that, but as with all such establishments we have installed a couple of pool tables (which we occasionally use while waiting for Michael to pull the car around), TVs which have to be on 24/7 (one on Galavision, one on Univision, and another on Telemundo. The trick is to have only one with the sound on (top volume of course) and the customers thus have to try to guess which one the sound is coming from - not that it matters, because they're all ogling Ms. Lopez anyway) and as Clark mentioned, the video game Elevator Action which is a classic. Add to that the selection of fine beverages and comestibles which are found behind the counter, and you have an establishment that is not so much just a place to do a wash but a veritable community hub, a social club the like of which is seldom seen outside of Barbershop 2.

Ms. Lopez is responsible for hiring and training of all staff, and here is another of her new recruits, ready to be let loose on the public.

Vixie Van Truffle, another reformed showgirl with almost unlimited potential.
Juanita also thinks that the right signage is essential.

Now, we are not the only laundry service in Stiletto Flats. No sirree. There is another laundromat right across the street, but for some reason they never seem to do much business. Can't think why.

And yes, it's true about me being the one to choose the colour scheme, although Clark wasn't quite correct about the names of the colours. He calls it Pumpkin Orange and Lima Bean Green, when in fact it is Mimosa and Jade. He only said that because he was mad that we didn't go with his colour scheme (below).

Oh, and that blog background picture? it's a trimmed-down version of another staff photo.

This lady is the lovely Helena Handbasket, well on her way to achieving the ultimate level of Unbelieva-Zen, a higher state of consciousness known as 'GPS-Brain'. Those rollers in her hair? Tiny radio receivers.

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