Friday, June 28, 2013

We Want To Be Your Rubber Ball

Both my compatriots Jeff and Clark have done admirable jobs denoting our muscalities. (Though, Clark's mention "one of the questions I am most frequently asked by fans and foes alike" is a little questionable ... especially coming from our foes who are usually either on the run from us or dazed and confused in the hoosegow.) Regardless, there's one final item worth stating here in conclusion. 

A personal preference of mine (in addition to Esquivel!) is a little ditty that blisters the ladies' sensibilities ("Hello, Ladies!") when they hear it tear the air asunder, instantly dialing up the party mood  excitement level to "11" ... and making us Unbelievables the suave and stylish gentlemen you all know us to be:

I can see your resistance to getting up and getting down is wearing away even now. Because ... we are your Boogie Men.

Not so "unbelievable" after all ...

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