Friday, June 7, 2013

The Case of King Cotton (part 3)

As much fun as it was to put a savage beating on Henri Petit...just like it always is...we weren't really that much closer to finding King Cotton and shutting him down. We headed back to The Unbelieva-base to go over some clues with our team of research interns and come up with our next move.

"We just whipped up a fresh round of 'clues', boys. The next move is yours!"
 That's when our neighbor and landlord Marissa Rapier, proprietor of Miss Riss's Home for Wayward Showgirls, popped in. She's always a big fan of our sausage parties and had been in attendance at the one where this whole caper first unfolded. We sat on the plush couches surrounding our indoor fire pit (of course we have an indoor fire pit) and just threw the facts of the case out at each other. Marissa listened thoughtfully and chimed in with, "I remember bright red weinies being sold in grocery stores in Georgia. I haven't seen them here in Nevada. Is there a connection to the South?" We stopped, sat up straight and looked at one another. Then we burst out laughing.
Michael: "Wow, way to pin down a specific location, Marissa!"
Jeff: "Yeah, we'll just head in that direction until we hear banjos and then start knocking on doors: 'Hi, is this The South? If so, does King Cotton live here?'. Ha ha ha!"
Clark: "Seriously, Marissa! A connection between The South and anything relating to cotton? Where do you come up with this stuff?"

Highlighted: The neighborhood where Marissa thinks we should look for King Cotton.
 We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Then, when we finally settled down, Michael said, "You guys want to beat up Henri Petit again?". Naturally, we did so we said yes and went back to Baltimore to do that.

"Aw, leave me alone, will ya?"
 The point is, we still haven't solved the mysterious case of King Cotton and his mind-altering red weiners. We'll get around to it eventually though.

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