Monday, December 12, 2016


Uh oh. Can it be? Could it be?
(Should it be ... ?!??!)

You know ... you wouldn't think Clark gets in a lot of trouble, especially as an integral cog in the wheel of The Unbelievables.

But he does. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes unwillingly.

Yet you could raise an argument (and a good one) in so stating Clark is the more "grounded" of the three us. (Perhaps not the best of arguments but an argument nonetheless.)

That's not to say we don't individually have our safe and sane moments of clarity and innovative ideas. Who doesn't? Just as well we have our off the rails ticks here and there, too.

But what some of you might not realize is this: Having each others' backs is a huge necessity in not only the formulation but the day to day operation of a crack organization such as The Unbelievables. We're a well oiled machine, continually complimenting each other on a professional level. (And, no, I'm not disregarding the fact we have instances where we chide one another about our individual quirks and kinks. We're guys. Fabulous, fashionable, daring doers of an elite crime-fighting ilk ... but guys first and foremost. It's what guys do.)

Still, the latest doings post ICC (the recent International Conference of Crime detailed here) have left Jeff and I scratching our heads.

It seems Clark has taken up an interest in theater, fueled by the recent Nativity play Jeff wrote for the conference's final day. (Personally, I think there's a little jealousy involved on Clark's behalf, especially since the script Jeff wrote turned in a winning performance at the event. I could be wrong ... but I don't think so.) In short, Clark's gone a bit sideways when it comes to this new-found "hobby" ... or whatever it is he believes it to be.

To wit, this happened the day after our return from the ICC:

"Guys! Think about it: We're masters of disguise! We have funding and more available at our beck and call! We could totally oversee and pull off a theater production company right here in Stiletto Flats! It could be the west coast (well, sort of) rival to Broadway! Great idea ... huh?!? I'm working on the blueprint this very moment!"

Jeff and I exchanged looks. Who were we to quash Clark's dream? Against our better judgment - an in the spirit of camaraderie - we decided to leave it alone and see if this passion of his was truly that ... or some mania that had taken over in his mind as an after effect of Jeff's play ...

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