Friday, December 16, 2016

No more curtain calls for this Unbelievable

I'll admit it, I fell in love with the theatuh. As usual, I did so much too quickly. What can I say, I'm impulsive. All it took to get me to commit to it was the realization that plays are just movies for people who don't have television sets. That, and the fact that you get your own chair and I was hooked.
I figured my experience as an expert crime fighting security expert with The Unbelievables would translate to instant success. However, there was a bit of a learning curve. Turns out blocking a stage production doesn't necessarily require someone watching all exits or positioning snipers. Also, the antagonists in a production are often portrayed by people just pretending to be bad, who don't merit a severe butt-kicking.
But I'm all out of cookies!
With the help of U.D.O.L.T.S, seasoned and talented actors all, we ironed out the rough spots and put on a pretty great production of Jeff's adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Unfortunately, I was unable to find roles for Jeff and Michael. But that was because I had already cast so many great actors. Virtually every part was played by multiple performers. And that's because my greatest weakness as a director is the inability to turn anyone down who comes out to audition.
Overly ambitious? Perhaps. But I would much rather commit a noble failure than...whatever the opposite of that is.
So I'm retiring and the show is closing after just one presentation, mostly because there just isn't enough parking to accommodate cast, crew and patrons. But we recorded it for posterity and here it is. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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