Monday, December 19, 2016

"Away In Some Danger" or "No Crib For The Lead (bullets, that is)"

Hi readers!
Once again, we, The Unbelievables, are taking some time away from blogging about our thrilling exploits to have actual thrilling exploits. This is kind of a holiday tradition in itself. Whether it's parties or parti-cipation in some other adventures, we need time at this time of every year to do stuff.

Okay, I'll be honest, it might be more than a couple of parties.
It might be a lot of parties.
It'll be mostly parties.
It's all parties.
That doesn't mean that we won't be foiling the dastardly plans of evil-doers; it's just more likely that our activities will be heavily focused on mistletoe and not missles.

At any rate, we'll be back, January 9th-ish with all new, tried-and-true tales of derring do.
In the meantime...

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