Monday, April 18, 2016


Truth be told, The Unbelievables? We're just average schmoes.

The difference is we go the extra mile to capitalize on our ingenuity, good looks and innovative methods of forward thinking, productivity and problem solving for the betterment of the general public at large.

See what happens when you initiate a little "get up and go" and put your money where your mouth is?

As we've stated in the past, Unbelievability isn't for everyone. As a matter of fact, it's really only fit for a mere handful of people, several who we've mentioned previously. (Elvis and Hugh Hefner among them. But that's, old news.)

Today I'll demonstrate how Unbelievability is an extension of who we are in practically every aspect of our lives, not just when ne'er-do-wells decide to raise their heads and perform their own brand of monkey business.

In my case, for example, just the other night I had a dream, a rather odd one ...

You gotta love'em, shenanigans and all ...

I was on a test flight of some new, super secret, zippy-fast military craft. In tow were none other than George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon (all of which have submitted credentials requesting honorary membership as Unbelievables, by the way ... but that's another story) along with a contingent of military personnel.  The flight began routinely enough. We took off from Edwards Air Force Base outside Palmdale, California. The venture was scheduled to buzz by all the national parks in Utah, onward to the Coors Brewery plant in Golden Colorado, a quick zip over The Grand Canyon, then back to Edwards via a flyover of Disneyland.

Not actual super secret, zippy-fast military craft.
(Duh! Hello! It's secret!)

Long story short, we got into some trouble shortly after the Disneyland flyby - the craft started going down. We were headed for some remote area of the Angeles National Forest and no one, not the pilot of the craft, Clooney nor the rest, had a clue as to what the problem was. (Like high-profile actors have any clue on how the moving parts of aircraft - and new, super secret, zippy-fast aircraft at that - function in the real world.)

I did a little poking around in one of the control panels in the cockpit of the craft while the pilot was struggling to keep us in the air. "You know" I said while we were quickly losing altitude "back at the Unbelieva-base we have technology in our villain-proof washing machine entry that appears similar to the configuration you're using here in this hoidy-toidy airplane," I mentioned to the pilot.

"Well don't just stand there! See what you can do to keep this thing aloft ... and make it quick! We've got about a minute before we crash into the treetops!" he cried.

It was a simple fix, really. Technical, but simple. The details are rather boring (as things like that usually are in dreams) but it was a rather quick and effortless fix.

Result? I saved the day, we made it back to Edwards without a scratch and ended up sitting down for congratulatory cocktails and a friendly little game of poker between the lot of us.

I was startled awake from my dream as it was time to head back to Stiletto Flats and the Unbelieva-base after our little adventure. The thing that jolted me back to reality was when I realized my poker winnings consisted of 9 $100 bills, 2 $79.00 bills and a few 10s and fivers ... all of which were fake except for the 10s and 5s.

Those guys! They're such a bunch of cards ... even in dreams!

You get the idea, though, of how we not only embody The Unbelievables but subconsciously practice our crafts even when asleep. It's a way of life, 24/7.

I mean, for me anyway. I can't speak personally for Jeff and Clark.

But they'll give you an example or two themselves as the week progresses ...

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