Friday, July 24, 2015

Too much truth in advertising

Not all of the ads in the back of comic books and magazines were rip-offs. One, in particular, delivered EXACTLY what it promised...

Unfortunately, this also resulted in tragic consequences. 

First of all, Charles Atlas is a product of several Unbelievanars and we're actually quite proud of him for taking our lessons and doing something with his life. His muscle building program did in fact turn skinny wimps into slabs of walking, talking beefcake, yielding incredibly fast results. Usually in the time it takes to clean up your apartment after throwing a hissy fit and kicking your furniture all over the place. 
As it turns out, it worked too well. These emaciated namby-pambies got the body of a superstud without the mental and emotional training to be able to handle it. As you can see in the illustrated comic above, which details an actual true story, Mac responds to a verbal insult from a doughy beach jerk by physically assaulting the guy later. That is not an appropriate response. 
Worse, the comic doesn't show what happened immediately after the final panel...
Basically, Mac became far more of a menace to people at the beach than the original nuisance and was eventually hunted down and killed by snipers in police helicopters. 

There was one bright spot, however. Betty and Mac's victim consoled each other that day, started dating, fell in love, got married and eventually had and raised World Series hero Reggie Jackson.

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