Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Woman With No Name (chapter 2)

After Michael brought us up to speed with what had just happened in his bedroom, Jeff said, "Clark, go look around outside", to which I replied, "nuh-uh."
"What do you mean? Hurry, she might still be on the grounds!"
"Yep. Exactly. So... nope."
Jeff and Michael looked at me, confused.
"Look, I hate masks, okay? They're creepy. What happens if I go out there and find this creepy lady?"
"Well, then you bop her one - gently, of course, because she is still a lady - and knock the creepy mask off of her face so we can conduct a proper interrogation and get to the bottom of this!", Jeff advised.
"And what if what's under the mask is even worse?", I asked.
"Oh for the love of Mike", Michael chimed in.
"For that matter, why should I go outside at all? This is YOUR deal!", I shot back at him. "After all, she's appearing in YOUR bedroom, not mine nor Jeff's".
"You expect me to just traipse around outside in the dark with toes curled like this?!?", he said.
"As bad as that is, I would actually rather stare at your hideous gnarled-up toes than go outside and look for some nameless masked freak in lingerie."
I looked back at Jeff, expecting his support for my very reasonable reluctance, and maybe a high-five for cracking on Michael's feet, but he was gone. He had decided to bypass the squabble and check things out for himself.
That became apparent when we suddenly heard him yell from outdoors, "Guys! Get out here right now! You won't believe what I've found out here!"

Wait 'til Jeff tells you what he had found out there...

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