Friday, August 8, 2014

Haiku Guerilla Party

Haiku. That sedentary form of poetic expression that blankets the writer and reader with a sense of calm. 

Traditionally, its modus operendi is its "cutting" or juxtapositioning of two ideas signaling a moment of separation.

Seriously: Who's got time for that? 

Jeff and Clark have their preferences, I have mine. I mix haiku up with my own Unbelievable brand of "calm" when I explore the form. Ain't no one gonna tell me differently.

Hey! You! You, Haiku!
Do you do the haiku, too?
It's your nature to ...

Ne'er-do-wells hate us.
The public adores us. But ...
We're just well-dressed gents.

Well ... Hello, Ladies!
It so happens I'm walkin'
In your direction. 

Jeff whips his taters,
Clark gets off vrooming his 'Vette,
I rock pantslessness.

I don't always do
The Haiku. But when I do ...
I do it for you.

Nature? Animals?
Earthly calm and composure?
Sleep-inducing 'ku.

You can't always get
What you want. But if you try?
You get what you need.

The calm after rain.
The cleanliness of nature.
Volleyball sans pants!

We, the crimefighters,
We, The Unbelievables,
We're here. You're welcome.

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