Monday, July 7, 2014

Roger: Tailored.

You know ... we don't necessarily like to brag.

(Okay ... we do ... sometimes.)

But certain instances require we brag once in a while. Doing so has its merits and sheds light for the benefit of all.

You've seen us post letters regarding the annals of The Unbelievables. And you know we get various requests (some legitimate occasionally) and quite a few questions, too. One recent question put a smile to my face. The back story involved with it is quite, well ... unbelievable. And it involves a little bragging.

A personal question came at me from D I-ngo Serra just the other day (yes ... that D I-ngo Serra) accompanied with a photo:

"Do the Unbelievables have a rock slacks rack? They don't tailor'em like this any more!"
Queen are: (l to r) John Deacon, Roger Taylor, Brian May and Freddie Mercury

Yes ... that's Queen, the rock band. Our good friends Queen, as a matter of fact. Our good friends Queen who The Unbelievables - fashionable gents that we are as luck would have it - had everything to do with the band's signature style sense. (I told you there was some bragging involved.)

So ... let me circle back to the question du jour: "Do the Unbelievables have a rock slacks rack?"

You better believe it.

I'll let you ponder that admission for a bit before Clark and Jeff chime in later this week and tell you all about "that rack" and our association with the band. 

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