Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just Say No(prah)

Yeah ... I'm pretty certain you know which acronyms of those Jeff mentioned are my doing:

BFF - Be Fast, Friend / Bring Female Friends

NP - New Pants / No Pants

OMG - Oprah Might Go

What say I offer a little more detail where these three "commonly used" abbreviations are concerned:


Honesty, I have no idea where the "be fast, friend" definition came from. Far as I'm concerned "bring female friends" has always (yes, I used "always") been the correct response to "What does BFF mean?" (Hello, Ladies!)


"New Pants" is wrong, wrong, wrong. Jeff was trying to be nice there. It's simply wrong. It's been "no pants" since its conception. Period. Come on ... have we met ... ?!?? Just ask the guys what my standard depeche mode ("fast fashion") is around the Unbelieva-Base.


This was code for "Get the hell out of there, quick!" or "ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!"

Think about it for a moment: If you knew Oprah might be coming - in any way shape or form and to whatever function/card game/concert/dinner party you happened to be throwing - you'd want to get the hell out of Dodge post haste, wouldn't you? Yeah ... that's what I thought.

Cut and dried, there are three quick answers behind some of the most commonly used (and most commonly mistaken) acronyms the world over.

You're welcome, World.

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