Monday, June 17, 2013

Guest hosts with the guest most

This Tuesday (tomorrow if you're reading this when it first comes out and why wouldn't you?), June 18, The Unbelievables will be the guest moderators at the Facebook page of the one and only Kitsch Bitsch. Hand-selected for this honor by none other than the Kitsch Bitsch herself, we will be on-hand all day, sharing some of our past adventures, introducing new fun stuff and interacting with the Kitsch Bitch's retro groovy readers. I hope you'll put on some hot pants, a satin jacket and your roller skates, and join us for festooned fun!

We don't normally get too excited about stuff, an unfortunate side-effect of having been there, done that, often times more than once.

And often times while still wearing our socks
But this is a big deal for us. The Kitsch Bitsch gave us our start and has supported our operations through the years, after all. For us, this is like being called upon to guest host the Tonight Show in Johnny Carson's absence. Which reminds us of how much we enjoyed being Johnny's personal security detail.

Johnny was a huge star and there was no way NBC was going go leave his safety and well-being in the hands of some retiree with a flashlight and a windbreaker. We protected him from all kinds of threats, ranging from deadly wild animals... creepy perverts...

...and sometimes both.

But it was always well worth it because the after-parties were a stone groove blast!

Of course, we've had a variety of high-profile bodyguard-type assignments over the years. I'll let Jeff and Michael clue you in on some of those.

And we'll see you on Tuesday at The Kitsch Bitsch

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