Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Kitsch Bitsch Citizens!

It would be unconscionable - not to mention downright rude - not to include you in public service announcements when you're part of the general public ... right? (I mean ... you guys are part of the general public ... right ... ?!?) And The Unbelievables are all about sharing the love (Hello, Ladies!) to the best of our abilities.  

In that vein, something serious has come to our attention we thought you ought to be aware of! 

See the above photo? I purchased this just the other day in the name of research and to disperse my findings to you fine folks pending the results of such research. It appears White Rain has a product that "claims" it's a "3 in 1" shampoo / conditioner / body wash. The truth of the matter? They're duping the public with their own brand of dupery!

Come on! There's no such thing as a shampoo / conditioner / body wash! Frankly, there's no possible way the "conditioner" would work in such context! And men (of which we Unbelievables are) know this automatically.

We males are pretty "in tune" with this sort of thing, you know. When it comes to hygiene we may be a little Cro-Magnon in our ways, but we know there's no possible way a conditioner included within a shampoo and body wash product could possibly work. Think about it: How is it a conditioner could condition when the shampoo is shampooing and the body wash is body washing? 

Look: Men have known for decades there's no difference between shampoo and body wash. They're interchangeable to a fault. Ask a man if he's ever washed his hair with a bar of Dial and he'll look at you like you're goofy; of course we've washed our hair with soap! What difference does it make? 

By the same token, if a container says "body wash," men naturally know it can be used as a shampoo, too. In other words, you're being duped as to what you're getting ... but that's of little consequence. No real harm, no real foul. It's just marketing.

But ... throw the word "conditioner" in the mix and we automatically know there are shenanigans going on. A conditioner would wash out automatically in such a situation. No possibility of it working its conditioning magic, you understand.  

Bottom Line: The public is being duped! It can't work! It won't work! Don't buy this, or any, product claiming to be a "3 in 1" shampoo / conditioner / body wash thinking it's going to function in all those capacities!

Folks? You're welcome ... courtesy of your very own stylish gents ... The Unbelievables. (You can thank us in any way you see fit.)

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  1. Oh, the woes of being male. I'm so glad I'm a female