Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Case Of "Who's The Dummy Now?" (Part 2)

Wait ... what? You're skeptical of the story above Clark told? You want cold, hard facts as back-up of what really went down? Hold on a minute ...

*checks files for verification declassification may be revealed at this time*

Hokay ... I got the word. I can shuttle a little bit of light on the situation to help the skeptics out there.

Ever hear of a little reality competition by the name of ... American Idol? I thought you might. Know what it is? The ratings-waining Fox program is one of the cogs in the popular "church" Clark noted last post. No ... I can't reveal the name of the church. But what I can do is show you a few of the facts of the matter.

The 12th season of the show recently wrapped with - for the first time in 5 years - a female claiming the winning spot in the competition. Previous to that, guys had won the American Idol crown over and over again. The last girl to grab take the reigns of the show? Jordan Sparks back in 2007. Know why? Because it was The Unbelievables swift and savvy operative ways the prevented girls from being crowned an American Idol over thus preventing the rampant human trafficking that's been so rampant.

Yes, the guys' wins have been a direct reflections of our efforts to quell the insidious doings and resulting consequences ending the female contestants being cast into the most degrading, disgusting and miserable enterprise ever invented - the recording industry. (Hey! Clark said that in so many words!)

Of course, we can't spill the beans on all the methods to our madness ... but let it be known we planted certain and various "foils" and "infiltrators" in order to 1) extract information, 2) infiltrate their evil ways, and; 3) plant that wrench firmly into the Idol machine so that the "church" and the recording industry was at least stunted in releasing radio bubblegum and blather and foisting supposed "ear candy" on an unsuspecting public.

Any doubt why we code named her "The Body" ... ???

Former judges Kara DioGuardi (code named "The Body")? Steven Tyler (code named "Fake Sgt. Pepper")? Jennifer Lopez (code named "Fatass")? Ellen DeGeneres (code named "Doorstop")? They were on The Unbelievables' payroll in an effort to thwart the goings on "the church" had on its list of "things to do today." Simon Cowell? No one could really tell him what to do, let alone "suggest" he do the right thing, i.e. good samaritanism. Randy Jackson? His "dawg pound" contingent was much more important to him. And Paula Abdul? Seriously: Has there ever been any light behind those eyes?

Two of these three were on The Unbelievables' payroll

DioGuardi, Tyler and Lopez were instrumental in injecting their brand of monkey business (at The Unbelievables' behest) retarding the female exploitation. (No. DeGeneres wasn't key in any aspect of these doings. Did you not get the irony of her code name?) But staunching illegal human activity for ill gains has been baffled with this past season of Idol. And, specifically, with the interjection of new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

Foils! Their drama was a ruse!

The producers of the show worked overtime with that popular "church" to poison the general populace into thinking the banter and catfights between Carey and Minaj were simply dramatic interludes during the competition. In truth, they were sly, calculated offshoots meant to deflect our thoughts elsewhere while Idol worked its evil ways on a much grander (and secretive) blueprint. To date, we still don't know how far-reaching the efforts of the two female judges' drama was integral to the process. But the result? Well ... how else does anyone explain the sad lack of talent you saw during this last season, with the men of the Top 10 outed and the eventual Final 5 all female? Their sniping at each other wasn't just tabloid fodder; the producers orchestrated those not-so-subtle machinations in such ways most of us saw coincidence after coincidence with the men being ousted and the women coming out unscathed. Little did we know (until it was much too late) the ulterior motives in so doing gave Idol the pick of the litter when it came to which female contest they chose to move "forward" in the recording industry.

Once we began looking into the case of "Who's The Dummy Now?" The Unbelievables saw the fishy-ness of their plan. The "dummy" is, of course, the viewing public who thought their innocent voting ways on the show were sincere efforts to garner a female winner on Idol ... not insidious human trafficking. 

Naturally, with "the church" being foiled by our discovery of how they manipulated the system, they very well couldn't use either Carey or Minaj again, resulting in the "mass firing" of all the judging panel on Idol. (Side Note: While Randy Jackson didn't have anything to do with any of the underhanded ways, Keith Urban was indeed placed in a secondary role as a go-between in the midst of the two womens' rants and raves. Urban's installation into the mix was as "a sympathetic advisor" meant to further distract any looky-loos who might get wise to Idol's (and "the church's") plans.

Mark my words: American Idol's next winner? Not only will he be male, but will quash any insidious, illegal criminal activity against humanity.

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