Friday, December 14, 2012

The Unbelievables Are Micro-Fiber Reinforced

Let it be said right here and right now:
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace doesn't have anything on The Unbelievables

Clark's right. The clothes we wear are all-encompassing. Careful thought has been put into everything, whether it's that chapeau atop our heads, the color of our cardigans or the (sometimes) steel-fortified tips of our shoes. When we're on the job, it's not just about looking good. The anticipation of danger and the safety of our persons are paramount as well.

I have to say: The kevlar micro-fiber reinforced DiamondCrotch® technology woven into our Kickin' Jeans has come in handy on more than a occasions. And not just because of dealings with dastardly villains we've come across in our travails. ("Hello, ladies!") Possible "trouble" could lurk around any corner ... and not necessarily from an intended threat. Enthusiastic aficionados of The Unbelievables have given us a run for our money as well, a burden we bear gladly.

But ... about the jeans. We need them for a myriad of situations, haute couture being one of the most important, you understand. Blue jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the crime fighting arena. Pockets capable of alteration to house a bevy of weapons and more ... leg protection from sliding down a roof or shimmying over the hood of a hot car ... and seriously: Where would he keep our utility belts (if, in fact and indeed, we use utility belts) if not for the waist of our jeans? They do all of this and more.

But it was the innovation of kevlar micro-fiber reinforced DiamondCrotch® technology that really had us sold on Kickin' Jeans. 

One day, while Jeff was frequenting a local ice cream truck that made its daily rounds in the neighborhood, he ticked off a little boy. Apparently, Jeff beat him to the punch and purchased the very last Bomb Pop from the vendor. << WHOOMP! >> Jeff got kneed in the 'nads by the little tyke. (Side Note: That kid was serious about his Bomb Pops. He would later grow up to become a minor nemesis in the annals of The Unbelievables, hell bent on revenge because of Jeff. Known as "Pistachio Nut," we'll tell you about him later in "The Case Of The Ice Cream Sunday Snub" ...) It was then Jeff realized we really needed to come up with something to protect the family jewels ... from angry kids and ne'er-do-wells alike. Discussing his unfortunate ice cream incident, I informed the guys I just so happened to know a spiffy haberdasher by the name of Jax Loominary who did wonders with all sorts of clothing - he might just be the right person for the job. Voila! DiamondCrotch® ... !!! 

Jax tested the technology for weeks on end until he was ready for us to give it a whirl. Much to his chagrin, it was Jeff who drew the short straw and got the unenviable task of being on the receiving end of the experiment. But really ... who better to evaluate the product than Jeff himself? Clark couldn't stomach the test. Besides, as noted previously, he had a women's self defense class to teach. So ... with a pair of altered Kickin' Jeans firmly cinched, I surprised Jeff by walking away from him, twirling and giving him a round-house kick to Mr. Happy. The result? As mentioned and as evidence from the picture at right, Jeff's jewels were safe and sound. Jax had done another outstanding service for us in our ever-vigilant efforts to fight injustice world-wide.

As for our distinctive martial arts methods known as Unbelieva-Fu (or more commonly referred to as "U-Fu"), we'll touch on that more as our adventures unfold.  I'm sure Jeff will elaborate on those further. 

P.S. Clark? Brilliant innovator that he is, I'll let you in on a little secret: Unbelieva-BackOffMister (or "U-Bom(b)") was never officially a part of the official "U-Fu" discipline. At the start, it was Clark's attempt at devising a clever way to capitalize on endearing himself to the fair sex. ("Hello, ladies!") Thus "U-Bom(b)" was born. (He's such a rascal, that Clark!) And it's still going strong today thanks to your local Y. Pow!

But, because of that little aside, we're proud of the 18,000+ variations of U-Fu, including Unbelieva-Two ("U-2"), Unbelieva-Time ("U-Can'tTouchThis"), the head-turning Unbelieva-180 ("U-Turn") and several of our special holiday methods and practices, Unbelieva-Yules (encompassing "U-BetterWatchOut," "U-GotOneMoreComin'," "U-WantSomeEggnog?" and the ever-popular "Hey, You! Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town!").

All things we'll note at a later date ...


  1. Not forgetting the very masculine "Unbelieva-Hai Karate" a.k.a. U-DaMan.

  2. As a lady, I am rather fond of the bum-hugging styling.

  3. As a loverly myself, I too adore the uhhhmmm hugging package this provides. *Wink*