Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Our story this time so far, or something like it...

The last I remember as I slipped into unconsciousness was muffled grunts from Jeff and Clark. I could only assume they were experiencing my same fate ...
~~~ to be continued ~~~

~~~ currently being continued ~~~

Michael surmised correctly; we were indeed experiencing the same fate, a fate unlike any of us had experienced before. I was completely disoriented. I thought the business with the Teeta Von Deese Triplets happened just the other day but apparently several weeks had passed. I also thought Kip The Mail Boy had been exposed as a fraud and taken out of the picture months ago. I had no concept whatsoever of time and space. I tentatively poked a finger in the direction of Jeff's eye. He said, "Ow!". Or did he? I had no way to tell! "That's my eye, you idiot!", he yelled. But still.
Then I noticed a pair of military style boots near my face and a voice coming from above them, from the body with feet put inside of them, leading me to reason that I was lying on the floor. I looked and saw an odd-looking character with a typewriter for a head...

"Welcome, undoubtedly confused Unbelievables. My name is Tie-Po, and I am the Count of Continuity. For years, I have ruled writers with strict rules of order in storytelling where events occurred in a logical sequence dictated by the constraints of time. But these restrictions have driven me mad. I mean, look at me. I have a damn typewriter for a head! And now, I am on a mission to induce unchecked chaos into society, beginning with you, The Unbelievables. Welcome to a world where up is down, hot is cold, foes are friends and everything happens whenever it wants to. Or not! There are no rules!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

With that he disappeared in an unnecessarily theatrical burst of smoke and the three of us looked at each other, knowing very little about our situation except for one thing: if we were going to restore order and get out of this alive, we would have no choice but to team up with Henri Petit.
"At least, we shall be besties!"

~~~ to be continued again some more ~~~

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