Monday, August 15, 2016

Back To Reality

You know, coming down from a marathon Virtual Reality session high is weird. It took a few hours to adjust to actual reality. There were a few jumpy moments when we were convinced we'd be set upon by old foes or zombies if we went to the bathroom, but we're OK now. What put us right, in the end, was being forcibly removed from the house by Kip on the promise of a slap-up breakfast.

So we five (including Ulf the Unbelievadog, natch) piled into the 'Vette and headed to one of our favourite breakfast joints - a greasy spoon by the name of Doozer McGoozer's on the northeast corner of Richard Simmons Blvd. and Alcopop Ave. in downtown Stiletto Flats.

We were immediately seated in our favourite booth and to begin the restorative process, Kip ordered multiple jugs of hot fresh coffee, which we slurped at maniacally while perusing the menu.

I say menu, but in fact there is no written menu. All one has to do is wet a finger, swab it on the table and have a taste, and you'll know what's been recently ordered. 

"Mmm", I said, "Crab omelette with avocado, home fries and a side order of sour cream and salsa. That sounds excellent. I'll have that, with wholemeal toast, if you would please, Doozer."

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you even want to stand a chance of coming anywhere close to being as Unbelievable as we Unbelievables are, you'd better make sure not to skip your brekky.  An overwhelming percentage of my favourite meals have been breakfasts. For example:

There was the time I needed a quick and easy breakfast while on a vital recon mission in Mukilteo, WA, so I popped into  The Stak-A-Takk and ordered their Spam Scramble. Oh yeah.
Then, while on a vital international recon mission in Kyoto I popped into Fuji's FryUps and ordered the Spam and egg sushi. Delish.
There I was in Tinseltown on a recon mission and feeling peckish, so I popped into Dynamo Dan's Cafe for the Spam-Steak Hero Baguette. Oh yeah.
There I was on a vital recon mission in the International District of Vancouver BC. I popped into Kooky's Korean Kitchen and ordered the Korean Spam Rice Bowl. Oh yeah.
You've heard of the whole umami thing, right? The combination, which would appear to be counter-intuitive, but is actually right on the money, of sweet things counterpointing salty ? Well, one time while on a recon mission in Llandudno, Wales, I popped into Blodwen's Blowouts where they serve Spam and Eggs Benedict with avocado on a cinnamon bun. Oh yeah.

So this prompted a conversation about our best breakfast ever, and the guys' answers, I think you'll find, are both surprising and intriguing. Challenging, even.

Find out more on Wednesday!

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