Friday, October 2, 2015


"Yo, my name is Boney 'Gonojow' McBlee. Can I help youse?"
McGee seemed upbeat and not intent on doing us harm but it was hard to tell...
"Blimey! Youse 'ave nothin' ter worry about. Nuff said, yeah?"
I said, "That's fine, I guess. But still, what's with locking us in?"
"Lawd above! Yous're not really locked in. We are closed though, an' wan' ter keep uvver people out. But youse guys can leave whenever youse want., innit."
We turned to leave and Tony said:
"Apples and pairs, y'know? Trouble and strife. Fuggedabout it."
Jeff said, "Do... you want us to go upstairs with your wife and not remember it? I'm not sure what you're trying to say."
"Ayyy! Shigglety bigglety. Bing bang bong and a cheesesteak nickel pickel. YouknowI'msayin'?"
Michael looked at Neal Anderthal for clarification and he just shrugged and raised his one, forehead-spanning eyebrow. "All day with this stuff", Smiley Smith said. "We have no idea what we're supposed to do."
At that point, McGee slammed his fist angrily on the desk, pulled out a knife and yelled:
"Well, isn't this just a fine kittenly kettle of mibble-mobble, you shoobies!"
Then he started crying...or maybe it was laughing. It really was impossible to tell. Tor 'The Beast' Chatsworth started laughing in support and then stopped almost immediately when he realized he might be making a fatal error. McGee glared at him hatefully and then embraced him in an uncomfortably affectionate hug.

"Right", Michael said. "We're leaving."
"Burlap sack! Twist and twerk!"
"Is he trying to tell us to hurry back and do some work? I don't understand!  I mean, it's kinda like cockney rhyming slang but...", Jeff said. Lumpy 'Hair Eye Am' Gonzalez said, "Just go. Don't worry about it. Here, take a couple pairs of these night vision heat scope stealth goggles, complimentary. I think the boss said something about wanting you guys to try them out and maybe write a nice review on our web site, although it's impossible to tell."
"Exactly pterodactyly! Badda boom badda bing!"
"Come back next week and check out our selection of of two-way wristwatch laser exploders... if we're still in business", said Jimmy. "Thank you for attempting to shop at Spies Like Us."

We all went home with severe headaches.

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