Monday, October 5, 2015

Ne'er Do Well Mood Music

Yes ... I even have a scale model of Ironside's custom van.
Yes I do ... 

It's common knowledge The Unbelievables have a theme:

Little known, however, is the fact each of us -- Jeff, Clark and myself -- have preferences as to various themes we like to bust out when cases arise. 

For me the choices are simple. My "go to" theme is Ironside ...

Second choice? The Streets Of San Francisco ...

... and, of course, you simply can't go wrong with the classic old school, instantly recognizable and iconic Mission: Impossible ...

Why? What's the point of the themes? Well, as with any good music at time of need, these themes serve as inspiration and all around "Let's do it!"-ness. They pump you up. Not that The Unbelivables need pumping up you understand but let's be honest: We can all use a good dose of adrenaline every now and again. It gets the juices flowing ... you know?

Clark and Jeff will reveal some of their pre-case inspirations (and, I'm certain, other vagaries) as the week progresses.

Oh ... and as a bonus? Personally, when a criminal is apprehended, I rather like performing a little karaoke rendition of Dolly Parton's "It Ain't Fair And It Ain't Right" with the thug in front of me tied up in a chair, captivated and receptive to my whims. Drives'em nuts.

Yeah, I know: It ain't right, it ain't fair. But it's oh, so much fun.

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