Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Journey Into My Dark Heart

So it was decided. We were all going to try to explore our dark side. Set out on a journey into the deep dark recesses of our souls, take ownership of what we found there and then let our exteriors reflect that. Sounds easy, right?


Where would I find inspiration? How would I embark upon this journey?

It was not easy, believe you me. After all, there are many role models out there to help guide us. All the tough action heroes from books and movies was a place to start, but sorry, I'm not a quiet brooding guy like Nic Cage or Jimmy Stewart. I'm not a muscled-up tank-top wearing Bruce Willis or Rambo type. But then I thought... who are MY icons? Whose personal style speaks to me? And one name kept on coming up time and again.

Don Knotts.

The Guv'nor.

DK, to those in the know.

You might be laughing now, but underneath that gangly, googly-eyed, goofy exterior, DK was secretly a badass.

I mean, don't you remember THIS LP?

And remember the time when this rare shirtless shot leaked out?

So I did a little soul-searching. I meditated on it. I played ping-pong for six hours straight against Clark, and I'm pleased to say I beat him 275 games to 272. Finally, I felt ready. I went into the Unbelieva-closet, got myself all dark and gritty, then emerged, metamorphosed into a doom-laden, quietly brooding bad boy.

Whaddya think?

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