Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween ... Ruined?

There was panic in the streets.


People were coming out the local grocer's sobbing ... short of breath ... pulling their hair out. Kids were crying out loud, wailing while their mothers shuttled them back into their vehicles. Men were raising their voices at other men, willing to return same right back at the ones who were yelling at them. Store employees walked around, befuddled and uncomprehending.

I walked into the store, hearing all the hubbub around me and asked one of the store cashier's what the matter was.

"The candy ... it's gone. All of it. There's nothing left. No one can buy any candy for Halloween to give out to kids or take to parties. Everyone is dealing with the situation badly as you can see."

"Huh. Well ... can't you guys just order more? And I hate to step on the store's toes but ... can't they go somewhere else to get candy if you don't have any?"

"You don't understand ..." the cashier explained to me. "There's no candy to be found anywhere. None in the town, nothing in the county, not a lollipop or bar or Gummi Worm in the entire state! Nevada is barren of any sweet treats! Snickers ... gone! M&Ms ... vanished! Butterfingers ... lifted! Twix ... no more! California ... Arizona ... Utah! No candy anywhere! And this thing looks to be an epidemic coast to coast! How is that even possible? Who would do such a thing?!?"

I'd casually gone to the store on a Sunday afternoon for a gallon of milk and a few sundry items and I left without spending a dime. But what I took back with me to the Unbelieva-Base, while unpurchasable, was indeed heavy.

I returned to find Clark and Jeff awaiting me with the same news I'd already discovered first hand. Apparently, the local authorities, various businesses and concerned private citizens everywhere had already been in contact with The Unbelievables asking if there was anything we could possibly do.

I looked at Clark and Jeff, they looked at each other, then looked back at me. I took off my pants so I could think better.

"Gentlemen? Let's get to work ..." I said.

Is all the candy really gone?
Is Halloween ruined?
What kind of devious trick is this?

Tune in Wednesday ... 


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