Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's about that walk

Ah yes, our individual musical themes. if we were baseball players, this would be known as our "walk-up music", the song played when we stepped up to the plate in our home ballpark, intent on doing malice to the opposing team's hope and aspirations with our Louisville Sluggers. In our case, we do more than walk-up, so we need multiple themes.

My choice for walk-in music, as in when I walk in to a place like a darkened tavern or some other villainous hive, is the classic Peter Gunn Theme.

Mancini. A nasty surf-guitar riff. A really dirty saxophone. Combine all three of those and it's unbeatable. There are other versions...

From Blues Brotherly...

To Artfully Noisy...

But any version will do the trick.

As a stylish gent (because we are those), sometimes I just walk around being stylish. In which case, this is the accompaniment I prefer (sorry, it's un-embedable)

Now I prefer a different theme altogether when it comes to walking away from explosions. Yes, I know that walking away slowly with your back to an explosion has become something of a tired, overused and cartoonish trope...

...but in this line of work, things explode all the time. If you sit around and pay attention to everything that blows up, you're never going to get things done. It's in cases like these, I go to this song:

What? It's pretty!

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