Friday, October 9, 2015

Power Plays

In our line of work, successes feel so much better when you have a theme to play (either in your mind, or your 8-track player)that fits the mood. But we also need songs to get us pumped before stuff goes down. Here's three of my personal faves...

Yes, we ARE the best, are we not?

"Eyyy, it's strategy, I know what I'm doin'! Eyy Clubber! Hit me harder!" 


A good police drama's theme tune is always a good choice for those moments such as stakeouts - when the tension is so palpable you could reach out and grab a handful. A classic cops'n'robbers theme such as Z Cars helps ease the mind and focus at the same time.

Starting point for both Judi Dench and the amazing Brian Blessed.

The Doctor Who theme has a good celebratory groove to it, but there are many versions. My personal favourite is the Peter Howell version, used from 1980-85, from the end of Tom Baker's run, through Peter Davison and into Colin Baker. Yes, I know - I'm a bit of a Whovian.

That giant "phooom!!" at the end is such a great emotional release. You can't help but feel better for hearing it.

Even more nerdy is my love of late '70s sci-fi show Blake's 7 - and the theme is full of brooding power. Perfect for swooping in and getting the job done, then revelling in the moment.

Sometimes you need something with a bit of pomp and bombast - the Thunderbirds theme is spot on.

And lastly, even though we're laid-back guys on the whole, some moments require a kick-ass rock tune with a ballsy riff, one you can not only do air guitar to, but air drums too.

Not to mention a crazed incoherent Mancunian lead singer.

And at the end of the day, when I'm in the Unbelieva-shower, I use the excellent acoustic properties of the room to great effect when I belt out this classic anthem.

The guys like to joke about making the bathroom soundproof, which is laughable. After all, that would ruin the natural reverb of the room. They are such a pair of goofballs sometimes.

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