Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Typical Kipical

As mentioned previously, I'm not exactly Kip the Mail Boy's biggest fan. I'm not surprised in the least that he was goofing off and wandered away. So now that he's missing, I guess we have to assume he's dead. As such, it's important to move on. I think that's what Kip would want. Of course, he could still be alive and that might be the last thing he wants, in which case, who cares? Either way, hey, life is for the living.
With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the candidates we didn't have the sense to hire the last time ol' what's-his-name's position was open and see if they might still be available.

This candidate was rejected in favor of Kip? Kip?!? My goodness, what were we thinking?

Another highly more skilled and qualified than Kip applicant. I'm not sure I get the headpiece and the bouquet, but whatever.

Ohh, I get it. "Mail-order bride". Ha ha! Yes, very clever. Not what we are in the market for, though. Not at all.

This isn't wrong, really. Chain mail is mail, after all. And she certainly delivered it. I don't see why we can't work with this.

Sir, we're required by law to interview you but upon first glance, I don't see a single thing that indicates that you have anything we're looking for in terms of filling this position. Thank you so much for coming in. Get out.

Ah, perfect. When can you start? Oh, and, like, what's your name?

We have to wait and determine Kip's whereabouts and stuff first, because if he's still alive, he's allowed to keep his job? Is that something that was signed when he was hired? It was? Oh. Hmm. All right. We'll keep you posted (HA HA!) on this, Ms. Perfect For The Job.

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