Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Very Simple Revenge

Look! It's a portrait of a someone who's not such a genius after all ...

And the really funny thing about the entire Petit "takeover" is this:

You've no doubt heard the term "Revenge is a dish best served cold" ... right? Well, we've got a little revenge planned. The midgety twit won't know what to make of our latest shenanigans we've instigated to his Hacktivator monstrosity.

We enlisted Kip The Mail Boy to sneak into Petit's headquarters and install retractable rollers onto the main unit of his system along with a few "specialized modifications." The gist of it all will be the unit will unknowingly roll forward when Petit or Betsy leave the room causing the Hackivator to unplug and lose power, usually right in the middle of some important calculation or back-up maneuver.

Yep ... suddenly ... << ZONK >> ... everything simply blinks off*. How's that for genius, Petit? No viruses or other monkey business - just good, old-fashioned ingenuity.

All of us can only imagine the frustration he'll feel when he discovers what the trouble is. Because, being a minuscule, puffing little thug, Petit will have to hire someone to move equipment out of the way to eventually plug his Hacktivator back in. He's too diminutive to move it himself. And he won't know anything about the retractable rollers we had Kip put in.    

Of course, we'll activate (or "deactivate" as the case may be) our little plan over the course of the month to keep him on his toes. We even have a plan to do it during a personal call to the gravity-challenged little jerk just to hear him foster a slow burn of confused anger at the sudden shutdown of his pride and joy. We can hardly wait.

He might have hacked our blog for a few days but knowing he'll be pulling his hair out soon enough was worth the trouble.

But I'll give Petit credit where credit is due: He racked up some pretty good scores in Minesweeper that will keep me occupied during my down time ...

*Those back-up batteries Petit crowed about last week? Kip informed us they were fake props just for show. Petit has exactly zero emergency plans in the event of any power outages. 

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